tiny home tid-bit #1: simple beauty in every-day things

A wee-little-disclaimer to start: One of my many qualms with the lifestyle blogging world is its tendency to dwell in a place of financial privilege. Yes, everything in the featured-home is lovely, but is it really realistic? After all, not everyone can afford to purge and replace perfectly useful things simply because they are an [...]


a slow, handmade christmas

Yesterday, on my way out of our local tea-shop, I passed a complete stranger on the street and was met with a "Merry Christmas to you!" and it was such a hallmark moment I couldn't help but smile. The Christmas season is here, in all its glory, all at once. Despite the advent candle - [...]

dry cabin life & the art of going paperless

As you may well know by now, my partner and I live in a tiny dry cabin - sans bathroom, washing machine & running water. As a result life requires a few extra steps and processes, such as washing our clothes and showering via public facilities -  but it's slow, simple and delightfully quiet (except [...]

tiny home tid-bits, a new series

So far on this lil' blogging journey I have posted on various topics, including home-making, decorating, hygge and slow living. I have also begun a series loosely entitled, "Photo Share" in which I simply post photos of this life, with little to no written entry.  Starting this week I will begin a second series entitled [...]

the slow movement and why theres no “right” way to live slowly

Today is the age of "more, faster." Modern humans are constantly steeping in information, whether it be from social media (blogs included), television, radio or constant connection via text messages and calls. We are constantly connected and moving faster than ever. We drive fast cars through fast-food before heading to one of our three minimum [...]

slowness and peg rails

My goal in decorating my home is to create a space that says, "rest."   I have always been drawn to woodgrain, neutrals, warmth and soft light - so before I knew what to call it, I had found myself reaching towards the past, towards nature and history, for decor inspiration.  "Primitive style decor" refers to [...]

lavender earl grey cake – with a hint of nostalgia

All my fellow tea-lovers out there will be just-as-excited as I am about the prospect of an  Earl Grey cake. One of my favorite weekend-self-care rituals is to journal while drinking an entire pot of earl grey tea to myself. Earl grey tea is not only, without question my favorite tea - but it also [...]

existential seasonal dread & rituals for winter

Today I set to work insulating the windows, developing an easy but effective "negative temperature outhouse outfit" and checking for drafty spots. The days are growing shorter and colder, and seeing as we live in one of the coldest places in the world, I have an understandable amount of existential seasonal dread accompanying the dipping [...]

photo share: neutrals and nature inspiration

For this photo share I will say simply this: First, in this set, there will be photos of my work and the materials therein. These photos will then be followed by the stunning, absolutely majestic landscape that inspired said work. Southeast Alaska will forever be my inspiration and my home, wherever this great-big-beautiful-life takes me. [...]